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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56800498

the bailiff discharged of 2s rent to his account to this court came Jn Payn and sought for himself and his heirs to be discharged of 2s rent per annum and suit of court by Jn Turnor bailiff of this manor for the same said Jn Payn eight years last past for one tenement with appurtenances called Werkemannes unjustly levied as he says by virtue of gifts which were given by a deed of Jn de Veer earl of Oxford and plainly appear contained in these words (french) these presents made on 20.1.27Edw3# Jn de Veer earl of Oxford chamberlain of England as a grant and gift to Jn Werkeman of Earls Colne his heirs and assigns to hold the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances which devolved into the hands of the said earl by escheat and by the outlawry of R alph de Lamarche in the said village of Colne and to have and to hold the said lands and tenements with the appurtenances to the said Jn Werkman his heirs and assigns returning of the profits per annum to the said earl and his heirs 15s sterling at the four usual terms by equal portions and if the said annual rent should be in arrears for fifteen days after the said terms in part or in whole at any of the said usual aforesaid terms then truly it should be allowed to the said earl and his heirs to distrain upon the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances and to retain the distraint until the full sum of the arrears should be paid to the said earl and his heirs of the said annual rent and the said earl and his heirs all the said tenement with appurtenances guarantee to the said Jn Werkeman his heirs and assigns with all appurtenances for the said annual rent in the granting of which it was truly indentured between the said earl and the said Jn Werkeman interchangeably granted at our manor of Great Bentlegh the said day and year above mentioned (latin) and upon this in the same said court by virtue of the same said deed indentured the steward of all the manor lands and tenements of Jn de Veer now earl of Oxford in full court openly declared and examined and by and inquisition of the whole homage who the aforesaid Jn Payn by the said steward for the aforesaid 2s and suit of court to be discharged by virtue of the said deed indentured under his seal signed etc whereof memo