Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr68)

26.5.1450 (Tuesday 26 May 1450)

document 57600205

fine 6dat the court with the view of free pledge holden on tuesday in the week of pentecost here at Earls Colne on 14.5.26Hen6 Wm Gardyner and Alice his wife and Jn Brokeman in the same court surrendered to the lord one cottage with a garden adjoining and appurtenances sometime Jn Fuller's in Earls Colne to the use of Rich Waite Jeff Tyler and Jn Tredgold glazier their heirs and assigns under certain conditions in the same court specified and because the condition aforesaid on the behalf of the said Rich Waite Jeff Tyler and Jn Tredgold glazier are not fulfilled viz in paying a sum of a payment of money as in the tenor of the same record plainly appears Wm Gardyner Alice his wife and Jn Brokeman came to this court and desired that they may be restored to the seisin of the said cottage with curtilage and appurtenances and be reseised by licence of the court for want of the payment aforesaid therefore Jn Turnor the bailiff of the manor in this behalf assigns by the steward charged to provide so that the said Wm Alice and Jn be permitted to reenter the said cottage with the garden and their appurtenances and that the surrender to be void and accounted nothing