Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

24.1.1451 (Sunday 24 January 1451)

document 57700582

fine 6s8d Jn Awbray Steph Smithe Ralph Awdeley Ralph Keble and Wm Million and surrendered to the lord one messuage with a garden sometime parcel of the land and tenement called Werkmans late in the tenure of Thos Mors lying within the town there to the use of Jn Bright Joan his wife Wm Oldhall of Cockshall Jn Bonjon alias Jn Turnor of Colne and Jeff Tiler to hold to them and their assigns as the manner is yet on this condition viz that the foresaid Jn Bright etc pay to the said Jn Awbray etc and their attorneys 26marks viz at the feast of easter next following after the date of this court 20s and at the feast of michaelmas then next following 26s8d and at the feast of easter which shall be in the year 1452 20s and so yearly at the feast of michaelmas 20s and easter 20s except at the last term of easter 26s8d until the sum of 26marks shall be fully contented and paid and if the said Jn Bright etc make default in any payment at any feast above fifteen days in part or whole then it shall be lawful for Jn Awbray etc by the licence of the lord or his steward to reenter and retain in its old estate to hold and enjoy without contradiction of any man except always that if be to the will of the lord to whom there is seisin thereof delivered by the rod to the will of the lord by the ancient services and customs of the manor saving the right of everyone and they give fine as appears at the head and made fealty