Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr71)

21.5.1510 (Tuesday 21 May 1510)

document 60500352

Parkefield fine 12d to this court came Jn Raineham and Isabel his wife late the wife of Walt Tidder and the same Isabel being alone secretly examined by the lord's steward confessed and surrendered into the lord's hands one croft of customary land with the appurtenances called Parkefield near the lord's park called Colne Park containing 4a2r of land or more etc and abuts upon the land Wallefield on the one part and the land called Chewland of the other part as by the meets and bounds there more plainly is divided and shown to the use and behoof of Simon Lingwood of Colne aforesaid his heirs and assigns to which Simon by the lord's steward there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to him and Hen Polein the younger their heirs and assigns of the lord to the will etc and they give to the lord for fine and made fealty