Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr72)

27.5.1550 (Tuesday 27 May 1550)

document 64400195

Copes Xfine 3s4d it is found by the homage that Thos Allmotte gentleman out of the court and since the last court surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Rich Ennewes one of the lord's tenants in the presence of Geo Bieston and Robt Greene likewise the lord's tenants and other the same witnessing one cottage with a curtilage and the appurtenances called Copes lying between the messuage late Steph Miller's of the one part and the garden late Jn Wryght's of the other part one head thereof abutting upon the way leading toward Colchester as etc late Wm Swattock's deceased and one parcel of the lord's waste lying at Colfordhill upon which the foresaid Wm lately builded a swinesty and containing in length 14ft and in breadth 12ft 6i as etc to the use and behoof of Hen Prentise his heirs and assigns who being present in the court came and craved to be admitted thereunto and because it is so found by the homage therefore he is admitted the lord's tenant thereof to whom by the lord's steward there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to him his heirs and assigns of the lord by the rod and he giveth fine etc and made fealty and yet this present surrender and seisin thereof delivered is made on condition following viz that if the foresaid Hen Prentice his heirs or assigns pay or cause to be paid unto the foresaid Thos Allmotte or his certain attorney or executor in the feast of st michael the archangel next coming after the day of this court in the mansion house of one Geo Bieston in Earls Colne aforesaid 4li of good and usual money of England beside 4li12s beforehand paid that then this present surrender and seisin thereof delivered remain and be in all his force and effect and if there be default in the payment of the said 4li contrary to the form aforesaid that then it shall be lawful to the said Thos Allmotte and his heirs in the said cottage and other the premises with the appurtenances and into every parcel thereof to reenter and the same as in their former estate to have hold enjoy and possess and the foresaid Hen Prentise his heirs and assigns from thence wholly to remove and expel this present surrender and seisin thereof delivered in anywise notwithstanding