Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr75 and D/DPr76)

23.9.1580 (Friday 23 September 1580)

document 66201069

fine 20s it is found by the homage that Edm Potter that held to him and his heirs of the lord by the rod etc as well the remainder or reversion of one cottage with a garden adjoining sometime Jn Lavenham's after Robt Garnon's and since Robt Upcher's immediately expecting after the death of one Eliz Jegon as also one piece of land containing by estimation 1a of land or more etc late parcel of the croft of land called Barcrofte as it lieth in Colne aforesaid viz between the land of Barth Church late parcel of the said croft of the one part toward the east and the land now Hen Smythe's the residue of the said croft towards the west one head thereof abutting upon the way leading from the church of Colne towards Colne Park toward the south and the other upon the garden of the tenement late Rich Holborough's toward the north as by two several copies of court roll here holden 28.7.20Eliz1 more at large appears out of court and since the last court surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Geo Potter instead of the bailiff in the presence of Thos Allen and Thos Marche the lord's customary tenants and others the same witnessing as well the foresaid reversion or remainder of the foresaid cottage with garden adjoining as the foresaid piece of land to the use and behoof of Geof Potter and his assigns yet on the condition following viz that if the foresaid Edm Potter his heirs executors or assigns pay or cause to be paid well and truly unto the foresaid Geof Potter his executors or assigns 10li of good and lawful money of England at the feast of pentecost next coming after the date of this court that then this present surrender shall be void and of none effect otherwise it shall remain and be in all force and effect whereupon to this court came the foresaid Geof Potter and humbly prayed to be admitted to the premises according to the form and effect of the surrender aforesaid to whom by the lord's steward there is seisin thereof delivered by the rod to have and to hold to the same Geof and his assigns of the lord by the rod etc on condition aforesaid by the rents and services etc and he giveth fine etc and made fealty and is admitted the lord's tenant
Lavenhams Cottage and parcel of Barcroft