Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91)

5.9.1587 (Tuesday 5 September 1587)

document 66601004

and afterward to the same court came the foresaid Humph Brocke and Agnes his wife and the said Agnes being alone and secretly examined by the lord's steward surrendered remitted and released in the full court before the steward and the whole homage to the foresaid Rich in his full and peaceable possession being all their right claim interest and demand which they have in the foresaid messuage and 10a of land or in any parcel thereof as in the right of the said Agnes for which surrender remise and release thereof to be had the aforesaid Rich bound him and his heirs by his writing obligatory to the foresaid Humph and Agnes to pay to the same Agnes 40s yearly during the natural life of the said Agnes as by the said writing sealed and delivered at this same court before the steward and the whole homage more plainly appears