Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91)

18.3.1589 (Tuesday 18 March 1589)

document 66700011

essoin Robt Church by Jn Church Thos Sampford by Albery Pryor Jn Aylett by Robt Woodwarde Jn Cockerell by Wm Deverell Jn Prentice senior by Jn Prentice junior Wm Prentice by Jn Prentice junior Robt Sewell by Robt Rooks Wm Fisher by the bailiff Robt Partridge by Wm Lovenie Rich Heyward by Robt Rooks Jn Aucell by Thos Bridge Jn Knight by Robt Knight Robt Sayer gentleman by Edm Veer gentleman Xoph Isaacke by Robt Rooks Thos Pollie senior by Thos Allen Edw Catte by Wm Catte Jn Somersham by the bailiff