Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

24.7.34Eliz1 (Monday 24 July 1592)

document 66901342

fine of the said Joan 20s fine of the said Geof and for his guardianship 5swhereas at the court with the leet here holden the 24.9.7Eliz1 etc Wm Finche was admitted the lord's tenant to him and his heirs of a cottage with a garden adjoining with appurtenances called Cloviers and to three crofts of customary land with appurtenances called Pettiscrofts as by the roll of the same court appeareth now at this court it is found by the homage of the same court that since the last court and before this court the foresaid Wm being of such estate seised of the premises and lying upon his death bed did surrender into the lord's hands by the hands of Edw Reade instead of the bailiff in the presence of     Rookes and Jn Somersham two customary tenants of the same manor the same witnessing according to the custom of the same manor in manner and form following and by the names underwritten viz two crofts of land called Perycrofts containing by estimation 4a with all and singular their appurtenances to the use and behoof of Joan his wife for term of her life and after her decease then to the use and behoof of Wm Finch his elder son and his heirs for ever on condition nevertheless that the said Joan pay or cause to be paid to the four daughters of the same Wm the father viz Marie Barbara and Margt and Joan to every of them 40s of good and lawful money etc when they shall come to their several ages of twenty one years and also one croft of land called Perrie Croft containing by estimation 1a more or less with appurtenances now in the tenure or occupation of one Jn Coote of Earls Colne aforesaid to the use and behoof of Geof Finche his son and his heirs forever which Geof shall not receive the profits or rents thereof coming until the term of the said Jn Coote shall be ended etc whereupon to this court came as well the said Joan as the said Geof and pray to be admitted to the premises according to the form of the surrender aforesaid to which Joan the lord by his steward aforesaid granted seisin of the foresaid two crofts of land to hold to the same Joan for term of her life according to the surrender aforesaid to remain as aforesaid and also seisin was granted to the foresaid Geof to the said croft of land called Perrie Croft containing 1a parcel of the premises and to hold to the same Geof and his heirs according to the form and effect of the surrender of the foresaid Wm Finche deceased of the lord by the rod to the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor aforesaid according to the rents services and customs therefore due and of right accustomed and they made their several fines for their several estates therein to be had as appears etc and the foresaid Joan made fealty etc and the fealty of the foresaid Geof is respited etc and they are admitted in form aforesaid etc and because the foresaid Geof is within age therefore the custody as well of the body of the foresaid Geof as of the lands aforesaid is committed unto Robt Rookes until the same Geof shall come to his age of twenty one years according to the mind and disposition of the said Wm Finche his father deceased and for such custody he made fine