Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

24.7.34Eliz1 (Monday 24 July 1592)

document 66901574

whereas at the court with the leet here holden the 12.9.28Eliz1 Wm Greene and Eliz his wife the same Eliz being alone and secretly examined etc surrendered etc one customary tenement with a garden adjoining with appurtenances called Fyrmyn Tilers to the use and behoof of the same Wm and Eliz for term of their lives and the longer liver of them to remain afterwards to Lawrence Gilette and Eliz his wife and their heirs as by the roll of the court aforesaid fully appeareth etc now to this court came the foresaid Lawrence and for and in consideration of 3li of good and lawful money etc to him the foresaid Lawrence by Roger Harlakenden esq lord of the said manor beforehand well and truly paid whereof he acknowledgeth himself satisfied and bargained and sold to the same one barn builded upon parcel of the land and tenement aforesaid etc to the intent that the lord should take down waste and carry away the said barn and the same set or build again where pleased him or otherwise to convert and dispose of the same to his own use