Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

22.9.41Eliz1 (Saturday 22 September 1599)

document 67200196

and that Wm Stephens gentleman 6d Wm Barnard gentleman 6d Wm Prentice 6d Thos Smith tanner 6d Antho Ennewes 6d Jn Gremard 4d Robt Manning 4d Jas Smith guardian of Jn Smith 4d Thos Smith 4d Rich Sampford 4d Francis Wenford 4d Roger Marche 4d Agnes Weffen widow 4d Esdras Wade 4d Jn Sparrow 4d Jeremy Morgan 6d in right of his wife Jn Sawen junior in right of his wife 4d Francis Stephens in right of his wife 4d Jn Jeggon 4d Frances Hall 4d Robt Michell 4d Jn Kynge 4d Thos Collyn 4d Antho Bentall 2d Thos Norfolk 2d Thos Smith 2d Wm Browne 2d Hen Wright 2d Wm Tailor 2d Rich Clarke junior 2d Simon Kendal 2d Geo Bryan 2d Jn Browne 2d and Thos Highewood 2d are tenants and residents within the precincts of this view and at this day did not come but made default therefore they are severally in mercy as appears above their heads