Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/1410/84 answer of Geo Byston to the complaint of Edm Byston)

1550 (1550)

document 15100201

answer of Geo Byston to bill of complaint of Edm Byston says that the bill is untrue etc and if the matters were true yet they are matters determinable in common law and not in the honourable court whereunto he prays to be remitted with costs nevertheless if by this court he is counselled to make any further answer he says that two of the tenements mentioned in the bill called by the complainant named Barnes and other premises in the parish of Coggeshall in Essex and the tenement with appurtenances adjacent to a tenement in Earls Colne in Essex called Wells that he at the time of the exhibiting of the bill nor at any time since anything had in the same premises nor anything claims to have in the same but utterly disclaims to have challenge or to claim any estate right title or interest in or to the premises or in or to any part or parcel thereof and as to the tenement or premises in Earls Colne called by the complainant Wolles he says that long time before the bill Jn Wood late of Earls Colne deceased was thereof seised in his demesne as of fee and so being seised by his deed suffered in law in the due form made about the twenty fourth last past enfeoffed him the defendant to have and hold the same but with the appurtenances to the said Geo Byston his heirs and assigns to his only use forever by force whereof he entered the premises and the issues revenues and profits thereof ever since has received and taken to his own use as it is well and lawful for him to do and so the deeds charters escripts and muniments as he has concerning the premises he detains for the proper preservation of his estate and interest of and to the same and as lawful for him to do without that the said Robt Byston grandfather of the complainant is and the said Jn his father were at any time seised of any estate of inheritance and died seised or that the same premises or any part thereof on and after the decease of Robt and Jn or either of them descended or of right ought to descend and come to the complainant as cousin (sic grandson) of Robt or heir of Jn his father in manner and form as the complainant in his bill untruly has alleged without that any other thing or matter in the bill alleged material or worthy to be answered to and herein not sufficiently confessed avoided or denied is true he is ready to answer