Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/1410/83 Edm Byston v Geo Byston)

1550 (1550)

document 15100151

(date uncertain) to the right rev vicar in god Nich archbishop of York lord chancellor of England complainant Edm Byston of Kelvedon Essex says that whereas one Robt Byston sometime of Earls Colne in Essex being his grandfather was lawfully seised in his demesne as of fee of lands and tenements in the parish of Earls Colne viz one tenement or messuage called Wotts or Wolls which one Geo Byston now occupies and another tenement adjacent unto the west part of the above tenement which Wm Turner now occupies and also one other tenement with appurtenances Barnes in the parish of Coggeshall in Essex with divers parcels of land meadows and pastures belonging and so seised died by force whereof the premises descended and by right ought to descend unto Jn Byston his father by force whereof the said Jn Byston entered into all the premises and was seised in his demesne as of fee he died seised by force whereof the premises descended to the orator Edm as son and heir of Jn Byston by force whereof he entered the premises and was seised until that now of late divers indentures deeds charters writings muniments and escripts concerning the premises only appertaining to him in the preservation of his right and title in the premises are casually come to the hands and possession of one Geo Byston who by colour thereof has entered the premises and expulsed your orator and has contrived and devised divers and sundry secret estates made of and in the premises to himself and to divers others in his name unto the orator unknown and to his use and profit and to the disinheriting of the orator forever unless his good lordship's favour and pity be unto him extended in this behalf and although the orator has divers and sundry times most gently desired and required Geo Byston to deliver to him the evidences and other writings yet that to do he has always denied and doth against all right and conscience in consideration whereof and because he does not know the number nor certainty of the evidences of the writings nor wherein they be contained in bag chest sealed or locked he thereof has no remedy by common law to recover his right and interest in the premises asks for a writ of subpoena against Geo Byston to appear in this court of chancery etc