Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/1223/50-51 Robt Greene v Edw Solme)

1550 (1550)

document 15100107

(torn) answer of Edw Solme to the complaint of Robt Grene and his wife Ann says it is untrue etc says that it is true that Jn Hammond was lawfully seised in his demesne as of fee in 3a2r parcel of the premises in the bill and so being seised about thirty six years past by his deed suffered in law gave granted the premises to Jn Cloce vicar of Great Baddow Wm Cranston chaplain Jeff (torn) and Edw Soline to have forever to the use of Thos Otley citizen and grocer of London and his heirs to hold of the chief lords of the fee by fine thereof due and by right accustomed and by the said deed bound himself and his heirs to warrant the premises bought by Jn Cloce Wm Cranston Jeff Warren and Edw Solme to the use of Otley and heirs against all men further Jn Hammond by the deed did constitute and ordain (torn) Walyngherst and Jn Braynewood his attorneys to deliver the premises to Jn Cloce and others who did accordingly but by force whereof they were seised of the premises in their demesne as of fee and to the use aforesaid they being seised Thos Otley by his deed sufficient in the law thereof amongst other lands and tenements enfeoffed one Wm Aylmothe Wm Latham Wm Solme and others to have to them and their heirs to the use of one Edw Solme father of the defendant by force of this Wm Aylworth and others (torn) were seised as of fee until 4.2.27Hen8 at which time the said Edw Solme (torn) premises in his demesne of fee and the issues and profits thereof coming did receive and take accordingly and he so being (torn) (made a deed) ready to be showed granted the same to Edw the defendant and his heirs (torn) whereof he entered into the premises and was lawfully seised and yet is all the profits coming to him without that the said Jn (torn) mentioned died seised of the premises or any part or parcel thereof or that the premises (torn) Ann as daughter and sole heir of Jn Hammond and touching such evidence etc (torn) says that he keeps the premises for the preservation of his own inheritance (torn) the defendant wrongfully entered into the premises after the decease of Jn Hammond (torn) any such time as in the bill alleged or has lately any profit thereof otherwise than of right (torn) or contrived any secret estate to sundry persons to any secret uses or to any disherison of Ann Grene (torn) and in the bill untruly alleged as to 2r residue of 4a in the bill (torn) utterly disclaims to have any interest without that any other matter contained (torn) etc