Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/285/54 Jn Jacob junior v Thos Eaglesfield)

27.6.1682 (Tuesday 27 June 1682)

document 16901231

Thos Eaglesfield's answer says he doesn't know of any indenture made the 26.4.16Chas1 nor of any of the uses or fines mentioned says he believes there was a marriage between sir Jn Jacob and dame Kath sister to the honourable Wm lord Allington and they had issue sir Jn Jacob whose father died .4.1674 dame Kath died .5.1675 but does not know is she enjoyed any of the land in the pretended indenture and fine or whether they had any other children or whether Wm lord Alington has the land as guardian he believes that Lyonel Eaglesfield in hilary term 23Chas1 claim judgement against sir Jn Jacob grandfather for a debt of 2000li and 13li cost of suit on a bond dated 20.11.1639 in the 15Chas1 sir Jn Jacob grandfather and Jn Nulls then of London esq farmers of customs and others entered into this bond Lyonel Eaglesfield sued for a writ elegit to the sheriff and it was found on inquisition that sir Jn Jacob grandfather was seised of several manors in Essex but of what value he does not know he does not know either what part of the estate the sheriff set out for payment of the moiety or what rent or whether Lyonel received judgement in his suit of ejectment in trinity 1652 or whether he had actual possession given him in .8.1652 by his searching of the books and papers of Lyonel he has found an account of all the rents Eaglesfield ever received from Jn Jacobs grandfather and of payments which Lyonel made over the judgement he was soon turned out of the premises by a trial at the kings bench on the death of one Bridgeman who had a prior judgement against sir Jn Jacob for a debt of 2500li Lyonel Eaglesfield did not even get his costs and charges and the creditors of sir Jn Nulls took out a commission of bankrupt against him but whether Lyonel Eaglesfield received anything out of Nulls estate ie 244li11s6d he does not know but thinks not in his book there is only recorded a sum of 66li9s10d says neither he nor Lyonel ever received any interest on the principal of 1000li or any other sum or 2000li and 13li and Lyonel in 1671 died and made him executor who in march proved the will he believes in 1676 he brought and ejectment against the Jacobs a trial was had in 1677 and he was non suited and paid 70li costs by the unjust contrivances of the complainant this trial and another in Chelmsford have cost him between 200li and 300li and he hopes the court will not hinder him bringing a further ejectment action for the recover of the debt