Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

13.2.1623 (Thursday 13 February 1623)

document 17700786

eleven that the defendants Jeff Cuckoke and Prudence Lunt have misbehaved themselves towards the said complainant Rose their mother and have not lived in such good fashion as they ought to have lived but have been both undutiful and disobedient towards the said Rose and by their idle courses incontinent and riotous behaviour have been a great charge burden and discredit unto her the said Rose their mother and no doubt but that the lewd carriage and ill behaviour of them the said Jeff and Prudence hath been a great cross grief and disheartening of her the said Rose to do them good for the said Rose of herself is and always hath been a good and well reputed woman and as touching what attempts or assaults the said complainant's children have at any time made upon their said mother's person this deponent saith he is desirous to be sparing therein and doth therefore forbear to set forth any particulars therein but saith in generality that not only they the said Jeff and Prudence but also some other of the said Rose her children have showed many undutiful pranks towards her the said Rose their mother