Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

1.10.1623 (Wednesday 1 October 1623)

document 17902618

twelve he hath also credibly heard and doth undoubtedly believe it to the true hat the said Susan Cuckoe falling sick and not having then received her said legacy did on her death bed give the same legacy unto the complainant Prudence Lunt being the natural sister of her the said Susan both by father and mother and the reason why this deponent so believeth is for that when this deponent spoke thereof unto the said Rose as aforesaid charging her with the detaining thereof she did not deny it but in a sort confessed it asking why she should not detain it and this deponent then further expostulating the business with the said Rose she then in excuse of herself said that her husband Partridge had spent it and a great deal more or to that effect and this deponent also saith that he hath heard one Rose sister to them the said Susan and Prudence say that the said Susan never received her said legacy and that the said Susan in her said sickness time did freely give the same unto the said Prudence and that the said Rose their mother did keep it away and much more but this deponent saith he never heard the said defendant Rose promise payment of the said legacy unto the said Prudence nor more etc mark Jeff Bowrman