Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/504 pt 2 deposition: Lunt v Rosse)

1623 (1623)

document 18000276

ten item what sum or sums of money do you know or remember that the defendant Rose or any other for her by her appointment have paid unto the complainants or either of them or unto the other children of Jeff Cuckoke the defendant Rose late husband for and in discharge and full payment of the legacies or filial portions left them by the last will and testament of their said father and what receipts notes or acquittances have the plaintiffs or the said other children given of the same and were you not a witness unto the said notes or acquittances and unto the writings now showed unto you or unto some of them what charge and trouble hath it been to the defendant Rose and what money hath she paid for and towards the bringing up and placing and putting out to trades the said plaintiff Prudence and the said other children of the said Jeff Cuckoe and their running away from their masters and other misdemeanours and what wrongs abuses and undutiful carriage hath the said Prudence and the said other children done unto the said defendant Rose their mother or in her house or elsewhere speak the truth herein