Chancery Depositions (PRO C21 R.25/10 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

7.4.1623 (Monday 7 April 1623)

document 18001350

to the seventh interrogatory this deponent saith that after the death of Cuckoe the said complainant Rose did enjoy all that parcel of grove or close called Curds Grove from the death of her husband Cuckoe until the death of her husband Partridge and about a year after and also this deponent saith that he heard the complainant Rose say that mr Harlakenden desired the said complainant to bestow on the said defendant 6a of the said wood lying by his park to be measured by 16ft6in to the pole and a surrender was thereof made to the use of the said Rose the complainant for term of her life the remainder thereof to the defendant and his heirs the which the said deponent is induced to believe for that he hath in his custody a copy of the surrender under the tenants and witnesses hands present at the surrender delivering to the which the said defendant's hand is subscribed and this deponent further saith that the said Rose did tell this deponent that the defendant upon her bestowing of this wood upon him he would right the wrongs that were done by his father in his court rolls