Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/551 pt 2 depositions: Rich Harlakenden v Ambrose Coppinger and Francis Harrison)

5.2.1629 (Thursday 5 February 1629)

document 18100140

eight that at a hearing betwixt Hen the late earl of Oxford and the now complainant upon a bill of revivor in this court of chancery brought before the late lord chancellor Egerton touching the said manor and lands of Colne alias Colne Priory at which hearing this deponent was present it was then proved that before the said purchase the said Edw earl of Oxford had a particular of the said manor and all things else which were intended to be purchased by the said Roger and Rich Harlakenden and to be passed and conveyed by the said earl and that the said earl and his counsel had the same to peruse and consider of and that in the same particular the said portions of tithes were particularly expressed and set down and valued also as by the said earl meant and intended to pass in the said conveyance with the rest of the said manor to the said complainant and his heirs from the said earl and this deponent further saith that he hath seen a fine which was levied of the said portions of tithes after the said purchase because the same tithes did lie in the county of Suffolk and the said manor and lands of Colne and other portions of tithes then also purchased and conveyed to the plaintiff lay in Essex for which there was another fine levied which this deponent hath also seen