Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

1.6.29Eliz1 (Thursday 1 June 1587)

document 19001183

six whether was the said Robt Read and the workmen labourers and carriers of timber then stopped to pass through any usual or lawful way or gate to carry the timber by them loaden in any cart or carriages and how many persons did so stop them and what be their names and how many were there present with the persons that stopped the workmen and what weapons had they every of them and whether was Robt Read or any of the workmen when they passed through the usual way or in loading or carrying away of the timber in danger of their lives whether were the labourers workmen and carriers of timber of Thos Kelton and Robt Read the suffered to pass that way with their carriage quietly or were interrupted and whether has the same been a lawful and usual way to pass and repass carry and recarry by reason of any covenants or otherwise and whether was there any blows or strokes given by Robt Ive or the other persons then in his company at the time of the loading and carrying away of the timber or of the stopping of the carriage at the gate and what be their names that gave any such strokes or blows