Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/202/35 Little v Dykes)

10.2.2Jas1 (Sunday 10 February 1605)

document 19100049

Jeff Lyttle complainant Halsted Essex gentleman he in 2.1.2Jas1 year of the king's most happy reign and a long time before that was and is lawfully seised in demesne as of fee of and in capital messuage and 200a land meadow pasture and wood appertaining in Stansted in Halsted and one close 20a called and known by name the Coney Ground enclosed with pales adjacent to his mansion house this parcel belongeth therewith anciently and time out of mind of man hath usually been occupied lying in Stansted being an hamlet with Halsted and about twenty years last past he Lyttle for the benefit use and commodity of himself and his friends and upon certain other reasonable considerations moving him has stored the impaled ground with a small view of fallow deer where the same by all the said time and from time to time have been kept and maintained for the use and purpose before mentioned so it is now that certain lewd factions riotous and disorderly persons that it to say Francis Dykes of Earls Colne of Essex gentleman Wm Dashe of the same town (Earls Colne) yeoman Thos Grymwood Jn Lenton Robt Crowe and Ambrose Waller and others of their quality and confederacy as yet unknown to him envying and maligning his quiet and peaceful estate and of others living in better degree than themselves not contenting themselves with their own sorts and calling but maliciously seeking to intrude upon the goods and possessions of others have for that purpose at sundry times since James' most generous gracious and free pardon secretly and unlawfully assembled themselves together consulting and devising how by what means to put in practise their unlawful and malicious purposes which assemblies being not discovered and in due time corrected it is likely in time to grow to some great disturbance of the king's peace or to some further seditious and rebellious accidents by divers of their actions speeches and demeans may probably be intended and is vehemently to be suspected and have of late since the king's pardon that is to say in or upon 24.1.last past in the night time of the same day not regarding the king's good laws statutes and ordinances made to preserve the peace and against riots routs and forcible entries and unlawful assemblies neither fearing the pains and punishments of the same laws and statutes against such malefactors and offenders provided but casting away and neglecting the sense of god and due obedience to the king's laws unlawfully riotously and against the king's peace assembled and gathered themselves together at Stansted in the parish of Halsted and there they the said Francis Dykes Wm Dashe Thos Grymwood Jn Lenten Robt Crowe Ambrose Waller and others the said disorderly persons arming themselves with swords daggers brushbills staves pitchforks and other arms and weapons as well invasive as defensive in the said night time between the 24.1. and the 25.1. being since the king's general pardon forcibly riotously and unlawfully entered into the enclosed grounds at Stansted aforesaid and then and there did in like riotous forcible and unlawful manner break and throw down the enclosure of the ground the Coney Ground and then and there did riotously and unlawfully with greyhounds chase and course his deer being within the precincts of the ground killing one male deer and one doe which they did then and there unlawfully take and carry away and with the biting of their greyhounds and their weapons then and there did so hurt strike and wound many other of the deer then being in the precinct of the paled ground that the deer bitten and wounded very soon after the wounds bitings and strikings died and perished the said riotous persons having in such forcible and riotous manner entered the impaled ground did then and there make such outrages whistling whooping and jubilling in the said ground about the chasing coursing and killing of the deer as he and his servants being then within the house near adjoining to the ground might have heard them the malefactors thereby enjoying and thinking with themselves that he his servants would have issued out of the house for the repressing and expelling of them the rioters and disordered persons with force which as he thinks was the thing that they the misdoers did expect and hope for to the end that thereby they might have taken occasion by themselves with accomplices and confederates and have had some colour for the exercising of their forces and weapons for his hurting killing and wounding of your said subject and his servants but finding him not disposed to make any forcible resistance or to entertain their quarrels but willing to live in peace with quietness they the misdoers or some of them have with wrestling brathing and harrying speeches maintained this their outrageous and riotous misdemeanours to the great damage of him and not without some peril and danger to himself and his servants for beating wounding and killing the remedy whereof and to the end that not only the riotous and disordered persons may receive condign punishment for their unlawful assemblies riots and forcible entries and misdemeanours by them done and perpetrated against the king's orders and statutes and against the peace and tranquillity of the king's most happy government and in contempt of the same but also for that others of like lewd loose and unruly quality and disposition may by their example be caused to desist from doing or committing such or the like outrages may it please the king to grant writ of subpoena to Francis Dykes Wm Dashe Thos Grymwood Jn Lenton Robt Crowe and Ambrose Waller every of them to be directed commanding them at a certain day and under pain to appear in the star chamber to answer to the premises and to do and receive as the council shall seem expedient he will pray daily etc