Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/163/9 Rich Harlakenden v Wm Eedies et al)

4.10.4Jas1 (Saturday 4 October 1606)

document 19100557

Cooper of Earls Colne yeoman 40yr said he and Sam Diglette were in quiet possession of the mill the 17.5. and 18.5. two years past he said Wm Eedies and wife Jn Sillitoe Dan Rande Francis Wright and Robt Peartree assaulted and entered in riotous manner upon them and Wm Eedies showing a bill in his name used threatening speeches and great oaths and said if he did not get possession he would kill him and they brought a great mastiff with them after they had taken possession about noon on saturday they continued there until monday about nine when Waldegrave one of the justices of the peace removed them he heard Wm Brand and Hen Creake said that Jn Sillitoe had said the if he had not arrived he (Cooper) would have been knocked on the head