Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/289/30 Eliz and Francis Veer v Rich Harlakenden)

29.11.4Jas1 (Saturday 29 November 1606)

document 19205691

to the twenty first he says he did not give or send to mr Waldgrave any information that Edes would not leave the possession of the mill says that after dinner was done mr Waldgrave mr Tiffin Thos Harlakenden and others came again to the mill and used some speeches to Edes whether or not it was as a result of these speeches Edes wife left the possession and Sam Diglett the elder entered into possession but says mr Waldgrave did not to his knowledge put Diglett in or any into possession neither does he remember that mr Waldgrave did utter any such speeches to either of the Edes