Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

16.6.33Eliz1 (Wednesday 16 June 1591)

document 19600614

thirtyfifth do you not know or verily think or have readily heard that since the death of Wm Stammer the widow Stammer sold hops beforehand to Jn Lingwood and Rich Marsh the complainant being a witness unto the bond for delivery of the hops and whether he did then make any demand or claim of his interest unto the hop ground or had she had any other hop ground at that time likely to serve such a sale how many were they that she sold unto them when and how did the widow Stammer sell her hops and where were they to be delivered