Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

17.1.34Eliz1 (Monday 17 January 1592)

document 19601156

(gap and then continues) and so to take a new lease in his own name and so he should be sure to cut off both the complainant and Xoph Sibthorpe from both their rights which he did accordingly sixteenth says that after he had made Stammer acquainted with the manner of the assignment from the complainant to Xoph to be but in trust until Xoph was satisfied of 40li as this deponent has formerly deposed then upon his said speech and also upon the report of others affirming the same he Stammer went about the practise of the forfeiture taking up the ground by lease in his own name seventeenth cannot justly depose but as he remembers Stammer did occupy the ground in his own right after the forfeiture about two or 3years nineteenth says that he has heard the workmen say that with the rent and poles and all other workmanship the charges did amount to 100li a year twentyfirst says that Everard has had since he married his wife Stammer's widow three crops as he thinks twentysixth says that mr Harlakenden did lay into the ground at his first demise of the ground two poles to a hill but they were for a great (torn) bad poles