Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

26.1.34Eliz1 (Wednesday 26 January 1592)

document 19700005

answer of Geo Smith of Henningham Essex husbandman aged about 34years first says he knows the complainant and defendants and has known the complainant 7years and the defendants somewhat more than 3years second says he knows the hop ground Chiffing in Earls Colne and says that it contains 8a and odd poles says he has known and wrought upon the hop ground these 5years third says that he has heard that the complainant being possessed of the hop ground did assign it over to Xoph Sibthorpe upon consideration for his security of 40li and upon condition that whensoever Xoph should be satisfied of the 40li or of the profits of the hop ground or otherwise be repaid or satisfied thereof then he the complainant should have his hop ground again and more he cannot depose fourth says that the hops grown on the hop ground amounting to the sum of ten thousandweight being the second year that Stammer held the hop yard as bailiff thereof to Xoph Sibthorpe he Stammer that year would not give to the said Sibthorpe any more account of the weight of the hops only of a seven or eight thousandweight by reason whereof they did not agree of the reckoning and more he cannot say fifth says that he verily believes that the hop ground during the time that Stammer was bailiff was worth 100li a year above all charges and says he heard Stammer say that in one of the years when he was bailiff he made 280li of the hop ground towards all the charges and says he heard Stammer say lying on his death bed that the hop ground was worth 100li a year above all charges he did therefore require his wife to make much of him the deponent who was the dresser thereof and he says that he verily judges that the hop ground is worth one year with another 100li above charges more he cannot depose sixth seventh eighth and ninth cannot say anything mark Geo Smith