Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/5 letters concerning the school)

8.12.1606 (Wednesday 8 December 1606)

document 32300495

a letter from the countess of Oxford my very good lord it is found by office returned before your lordship that my late deceased lord was seised of certain land in Essex to the use of a school in Earls Colne in Essex the schoolmaster to be nominated and appointed from time to time by my lord and his heirs and my son is found to be heir apparent and according to his right by the advise of myself and sir Franc Vere his guardians hath appointed Wm Adhams vicar of Earls Colne and his sufficient deputy to be the schoolmaster there these may be to advertise your lordship that one Stockbridge had obtained a letter from my late lord signifing his assent for the said Stockbridge to keep the said school by colour of which letter and by the countenance of one Harlakenden he vexeth the said Adhams before your lordship intending to prejudice my son's right to the nominating of the said schoolmaster and to the disposition of the profit of the land thereunto belonging although he well knoweth the right to be in my son and being discharged for his misdemeanours did assent to leave the said place I heartily desire your lordship to take such order in the controversy so maliciously maintained by the said Harlakenden and Stockbridge that the said Adams and his sufficient deputy may quietly enjoy the benefit of my son's grant according to his right and I shall rest myself much beholding to your lordship and rest your lordships assured friend