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Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6 ACC 6029/11)

1.12.1532 (Tuesday 1 December 1532)

document 52900005

know present and future that we Rich Anthony gentleman Thos Tey of Leyer de la Hey esq Jn Tey son of the aforesaid Thos Jn Tyll senior and Rich Clerk in consideration of a certain sum of money to the aforesaid Rich Anthony by Ralph Byrkenhed in hand paid do enfeoff acquit and by this present deed lawfully confirm to the same Ralph Byrkenhed Jn Sparowe junior Roger London Rich Wood and Wm Farthyng one small croft of land called Sorrells containing 1a2r more or less with its appurtenances then as it were in form of a triangle at Earls Colne aforesaid there enclosed of which croft one the greater part lying and abutting upon the kings highway from Earls Colne aforesaid towards Coggeshall the other part then abutting upon a field of the earl of Oxon called Great Riefeld and the third part or head of the said croft abutting a field of the earl called Little Ryefeld and upon one piece of land of the prior and earl there in part to the north late in the tenure of Wm Lyngwood (fold) as indeed the croft of land with its appurtenances we the aforementioned Rich Anthony Thos Tey Jn Tey Jn Till and Rich Clerk late held for ourselves and our lawful heirs to the use of the aforesaid Rich Anthony his heirs and assigns according to the gift and feoffment of Thos Veer esq illegible text in the same deed then by us made bearing date 22.6.20Hen8 plainly appear to have and to hold the aforesaid croft of land with its appurtenances to the aforementioned Ralph Byrkenhed Jn Sparow Roger London Rich Wood and Wm Farthyng their heirs and assigns forever of the chief lords fee there with services then owed and of right accustomed to the whole use of the aforementioned Ralph Byrkenhed and his heirs forever know further that we the aforementioned Rich Antony Thos Tey Jn Tey Jn Till and Rich Clerk do appoint depute and in lawful stead constitute our beloved in christ Robt Forinege our true and lawful attorney to enter by our right and name in the aforesaid croft of land and to possess and seize then take and after this possession and seisin then so held and taken thereafter by our right and name deliver full and peaceful possession and seisin of the same to the aforesaid Ralph Jn Roger Rich and Wm according to the true form and effect of this present lawful deed approve all and whatever made by our attorney in our name made in the premises in witness whereof to this present lawful deed we rightly set our seals given at Earls Colne aforesaid 1.12.24Hen8 Rich Antony Thos Tey Jn Tey Jn Till Rich Clarke