Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

1.2.1621 (Thursday 1 February 1621)

document 701364

to the thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth and sixteenth articles said and deposed that about the later end of .4.last past as he remembereth this deponent being at work in the yard of the articulate Wm Collin making a cart for him and coming into the house for grease and hearing that the articulate Margt French Thos Jones and Alice March were in the chamber over the cheese house he went up thither and found the said Thos Jones looking through a hole down into the cheese house below and the said French and March pulling and scre=ing with him to look down also and this deponent being desirous to see what the said Jones did look down for thrust him away from the said hole and look down as he did and there he saw the articulate Robt Carter in the said cheese house leaning upon his staff and the said Isabel Collin walking up and down the same room when he saith there was no evil or dishonest act done betwixt them that he saw and while he was looking the said March did offer to thrust him away and further he deposeth that the hole through which they then looked into the said cheese house was for 3in in length about 1in broad and the other part thereof was only a cranny or crevice about a straws breadth betwixt the boards so small that he could hardly discern through the same the length whereof he cannot certainly depose and that but one only at one time could see through the same hole to discern any act committed or done in the room beneath in this deponents judgement and further he does not know to depose