Maps (ERO D/DHt P33 Plan of Hungary Hall by Peter le Neve)

1806 (1806)

document 90200005

Plan of an estate in the parish of Earls Colne called Hungary Hall the property of Filmer Honywood esq

(348) home, yards and gardens 2a2p

(314) Wade's Piece 10a2r18.75p

(316) Nine Acres 8a3r30p

(317) Upper Pedlars 10a2r7p

(319) Sower Lay 7a1r21.5p

(321) Blackbush 19a1r9.5p

(322) Lower Pedlars 8a

(323) (323a) Johnsons Piece 18a1r31.5p (part of 323a (323a) noted as water)

(324) Square Field 15a1r6p (water noted in south corner)

(325) Long Linky 9a1r38.25p

(328) Bibby's Field 8a3r2p

(330) Forest Field 10a0r=p

(331) Halsted Lay 14a3r25.5p

(332) Seven Acres 7a3r=p

(333) Green Field 10a1r=p

(334) Cart Lodge Field 3a2r21.5p

(335) Barn Field 8a1r30.25p

(336) Four Acres 4a1r7p arable

(337a) Further Barn Yard 3r28p

(337) (338) New Field 14a1r3#p arable

(340) Thickett Field 7a3r26p

(341) (342b) Great Field 12a2r18.5p

(342) (342a) Tussel Croft 5a0r39p

(343) Park Field 5a3r9 .5p

(350) (351a) Kingsleys Wood Field 16a1r30.5p

(351) Drift 2a

(352) (352a) Rush Field 8a3r30p arable

(353) (353c) (353b) Home Field 11a1r22.5p

(354) Rones Park 10a1r35p

(355) Kird Wood Field 10a29.5p

(356) Fleck Field 12a2r15p

(315) Little Wood 2a2r24.5p wood

(320) Sower Lay Wood 6a1r22.5p

(329) (329a) (329b) (329c) Long Chase 12a1r37p wood

(339) Thicket 3a1r2#p

(326) Lower Linky 11a2r17.75p

(327) Upper Linky 10a0r38p