Maps (ERO D/DCm P17 Plan of Hayhouse, Harveys, Newmans and Curds Farms in Earls Colne property of Oliver Johnson Esq surveys by T. Savil)

1830 (1830)

document 90300005

Plan of Hayhouse , Harveys , Newhouse and Curds farms in Earls Colne parish property of Oliver Johnson esq surveyed by T. Savill 1830

(358) (359) Goldsgate farmyard 2r23p

(360) (360a) (360b) (360c) Three Croft Field arable 9a1r14p (pond in south-west corner)

(361) Wood wood 6a3r3p

(362) (362a) (362b) Woodland Field arable 10a1r38p

(363) (363a) Bushy Ley arable 10a26p

(373) Upper High Field arable 11a1r22p (clay pit in south-east corner)

(381) (381a) Middle High Field arable 7a1r28p

(408) (408a) Lower High Field arable 6a3r4p

(411) (411a) Brook Hop Ground 2a20p

(412) Brook Field arable 5a14p (footpath noted between this and field 409)

(413) pasture belonging to Earls Colne rectory - meadow

(414) (415) Tenter Field arable 8a2r11p

(415a) (416b) Fen Hop Ground 1a35p

(416c) Ozier Ground 1r17p

(416) (416a) Curds Ley arable 8a3r

(417) Curds Ley Plantation 1r29p

(418) Six and a Half Acres arable 6a3r22p

(419) (419a) Barn Field arable 10a2r3p

(420) Curds farm yard 1r6p

(421) (421a) (421b) (421c) Wood Field arable 14a3r23p

(422) (422a) Chalk Field arable 12a3r7p

(423) (423a) Longland Field arable 11a3r21p

(424) Tenter Field Plantation wood 1r8p

(425) (425a) cottage and garden 1r35p

(426) garden belonging to Earls Colne rectory

(427) field belonging to mr Ruffle

(428) (428a) (428b) Long Christophers arable 9a1r21p

(429) (430a) Swamp Christophers arable 8a15p

(430) Slack Field arable 7a3r27p

(431) (431a) Great Marsh Pasture meadow 4a1r10p

(432) Little Marsh Pasture meadow 2r

(433) house and garden

(434) Hayhouse Plantation 1a2r

(435) Four Pole Hop Ground 3a2r26p

(441) T own Field arable 10a23p

(442) (442a) Home Field arable 12a1r34p (442a has no name or acreage but appears to be included in this)

(443) (443a) (443b) Little Priors arable 12a26p

(531) (531a) (531b) Great Priors arable 14a35p

(532) (532a) Priors Wood wood 5a2r14p

(533) Swampy Bottom Plantation wood 1a22p

(534) (534a) Pear Tree Field arable 6a10p

(535) Harveys farm yard 1r12p

(536) Clay Pit Field arable 5a2r6p (a clay pit in south-east corner 2r7p)

(537) (537a) Seven Acre Field arable 7a38p

(538) (538a) (538b) Homely Hills Pasture meadow (no acreage)

(539) Nunns Field arable 2a3r7p

(542) Nunns Meadow meadow 3a24p

(542a) Curds Meadow meadow 2a1r28p

(543) Brick House Common Meadow belonging to Honywood esq meadow

(544) (544a) (543a) New House Meadow meadow 8a1r38p

(545) Long Hill Plantation and Wood wood 4a2r15p

(546) Five Acre Field arable 5a3r8p

(547) (547a) Long Hills arable 6a2r14p

(548) Long Hills Plantation wood 1a3r37p

(549) (549a) Further Long Hills arable 6a3p

(566) Eight Acre Plantation wood 3a29p

(569) Eight Acre Field arable 8a2r21p

(570) Six Acre Field arable 7a12p (clay pit 1r3p north-west corner)

(572) Mother Mansfield arable 19a3r28p

(573) Chase Field arable 20a3r23p

(574) (574a) Gold Gate Field arable 9a10p

(575) New House Plantation wood 2r30p

(576) New House farm yard 2r9p and plantation 6p

(577) Stable Field arable 11a1p

(578) (578a) (578b) Twenty Acre Field arable 23a1r26p

(579) Twenty Acre Plantation wood 34p