Court of Wards (British Library Landsdowne MSS 77 old number 81,new number 198-198v)

1594 (1594)

document 67300176

(written in a very neat hand which looks like the one used in the transcripts of the EC court rolls etc.) The humble petition of the purchasers touching the death of the Earl of Oxford in the court of wards, 1594 (probably shown in evidence in later hearing c1608) In the 17Eliz1 the Earl of Oxford demised Colne Park for 21 years to Mr Barfoot and Luther reserving 80li rent and sold to the said Barfoot and Luther all the wood and timber upon the park, excepting a small number for reparations and boots

About the same time the Earl demised a parcel of meadow containing 17a called Hall Meadow to one Simons for 21 years, reserving 12li rent

The said Earl having demised these parcels of land being badly enclosed and sold the wood and timber as beforesaid did in the 26Eliz1 bargain and sell thereof and rents reserved to one Roger Harlakenden for 200li

Also the said Earl sold to me Roger in the said year the manor of Earls Colne for 500li the rents of Assize thereunto both of free and customary tenants are about 22li by the year out of which there was an annuity of 3li a year for gathering of the said rents granted to one during his life. The demesne thereunto then leased, was in effect nothing not worth to me the said Roger above 16s3d for a year, so remained beside profits of court being a very small matter, about 19li16s by the year

Beside this the compounding with Mr Hugh Veere for his supposed title, and the charge of assurance touching the said purchase cost above 150li besides my travail and expenses about the same

Also I the said Roger Harlakenden have paid towards the contribution for the Earl in the Court of Wards 123li, and am further to pay towards the same contribution 63li

The enclosures in and about the premises have cost me 100li at the least

These are in effect the pennyworths that I Roger Harlakenden bought of the Earl, what false informations have been made to your honour to the contrary I know not

For the purchasing of the said lands and charge abovesaid I the said Roger Harlakenden have sold as much good fee simple land in Kent as is worth 200marks by the year. In the sale whereof I lost about 500li in price to serve my Lords present turn with money. The residue of the money paid to my Lord I took up at 10li the 100li. And so am compelled to pay still, by reason of great suits and troubles depending upon the purchase to my utter undoing

Now as touching the lease of Colne Priory which is now extended out of the honourable court of Wards towards a bond of my honourable good lord the Earl of Oxford, forfeited to his majesty. The said Earl demised the same the 19Eliz1 to one Mr Kelton for the term of 21 years in consideration of 100li paid to the said Earl by Mr Kelton and for the surrendering up of a patent of 20li by the year during the life of the said Kelton and for his service unto the said Earl, reserving 14li6s8d rent which lease the said Kelton devised at the time of his death as followeth viz two parts to his wife as her only portion, and the other third part to his nephew and niece, which third part or the value thereof they do and are to enjoy during the years abovesaid

The said lease came to the hands of the said Roger Harlakenden about some 8 years since in the marriage with Mr Kelton his widow, since which time the said lease has cost me the said Harlakenden in renewing, reducing, building and repairing beside all other allowance as shall be proved to your honour above 400li beside the charge of converting certain moory grounds to hop grounds, which hath cost the said Harlakenden and his farmers above 200li beside his great charge and troubles concerning the premises

As I have sundry times proffered to my humble good the Earl of Oxford by his servant Mr Tanner and others that if the having again of those lands I purchased might pleasure his honour that he should willingly have them, paying me my money and charge again for the same, with a reasonable consideration for the forbearing of my money, reserving to my self the mean estate and interest which cost me a great deal of money being bought since of other men, and not of my hand, or a reasonable consideration for the same. Or if my Lord would procure me again those lands I sold to purchase of his honour of such prices as I sold them for, allowing the purchase of them only such charge as concerning their assurance, or the bettering of the things purchased, then his honour shall willingly have the said lands again of me in the same manor. Otherwise I most humbly crave his honours favourable countenance in defending my rightful causes, against my undeserved adversaries who have been the procurers of my infinite wrongful vexations

Now my honourable good Lord, if my provers and doings touching these presents do appear otherwise to your honour than your Lord hath been informed I most humbly crave relief at your honours hands according to my innocency therein. So shall all my malicious adversaries blush at their lewd dealings for their misreports. And my self bound to subject my travail and faithful service to your honours command. With my daily prayer to Almighty God for the long preservation of your most honourable estate