Chancery Depositions - copy (ERO D/DPr425)

1593# (date uncertain) (1593)

document 67300174

Edw earl of Oxford complainant Roger Harlakenden defendant the complainant thereof that he was lawfully possessed of sundry letters patent charters evidences and ledger books and other receipts and muniments concerning the office of great chamberlain of England and the fees due to the profits thereunto belonging and divers manor lands etc given to his ancestors with the said office or in respect thereof and now by right belonging to the said complainant and of other letters patent charters evidences ledger books court rolls and rentals receipts and muniments concerning Colne Priory and divers lands and tenements to the same belonging and divers other lands in the counties of Middlesex Essex Cambridge Warwick and Hertford conveyed to the said complainant in fee simple fee tail or for term of life all which letters patent etc in property and right belong and appertain to the said earl and that all the said letters patent charters etc came to the hands of Edw Huberd Hugh Bieston Roger Harlakenden Israel Amice Thos Hampton Nich Bleake Simon Ive or some or one of them having access unto the said evidence being his servants carrying to and fro about the affairs of the said earl and that the same do remain in the hands of the said defendants or some of them or of some other pertaining to the said earl by the defendants or some of their consent delivery or procurements and that the defendants refuse to deliver the said evidences to the earl protesting title to some lands which the same concern notwithstanding they have not any conveyance from the said earl of the said evidence nor any of them