Name Index - Joan Carter (C121)

Appears in the text as:
Thursday 26 February 1601Quarter Sessions Rolls(20401220 ?)
Thursday 6 April 1609Wills3400843
Thursday 8 November 1610Archdeaconry Act Book1800501
1611Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book24000098
Thursday 21 March 1611Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37601662 37601676
Thursday 28 April 1614Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37800033
March 1615Earls Colne and Colne Priory rental22200313
Wednesday 3 April 1616Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37800421
Wednesday 23 October 1616Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37801252
Tuesday 23 April 1622Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls38100525