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Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

12.4.1725 (Monday 12 April 1725)

document 10703596

then agreed at a vestry meeting that the standing collection should be as followeth widow Blumfield 6s widow Peartree 6s widow Lowe 12s widow Springate 6s widow Bewers 12s Jn King 12s Jn Woods 2s Walt Peace 6s Mary Layer 4s widow White 12s Peter Dore 6s Fran Crisp 6s Jn Last senior 6s 4li16s Catly's child 8s 5li4s Thos Tiffin Jn Newton Thos Sewell Math Newman Jn May Hen Adams senior Rich Bernard Jos Bott Jn Pratt Sam Burton