Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

27.4.1736 (Tuesday 27 April 1736)

document 11003517

then took in Jas Vince's whole disbursements which was seven month's and two weeks amounting to 89li2s6d the six month's disbursements of Edw Wash taken in which amounted to 73li10s3d and they charge themselves with two rates the one at fourteen quarters 90li6s7d the other at eleven quarters and a half 74li13s1d due to the parish 1li2s10d Jas Vince's rate amounting to 90li6s7d disbursed as above 89li2s6d allows by deficiency and other layings out 1li4s1d 1li2s11d 1s2d 9.5.1737 received of the above said Jas Vince the sum of 1s2d by me Jn Unwin