Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

22.11.1736 (Monday 22 November 1736)

document 11100415

whereas in the foregoing entries relating to mrs Poynter's legacy bearing date 21.6.1736 there is mentioned by mistake the sum of 200li paid into the hands of mr Thos Sewell and since laid out at interest it appears upon the mortgage deed of mr Jn Alderton of Buers St Mary Suffolk dated 24.5.1736 to be but 100li and the 200li then left to be put out to interest was upon the 18.11.1736 put out to Jn Symson of Lamarsh as more fully appears upon the security Sam Smith Sam Burton Thos Bernard vicar Thos Sewell Jn Harrington mark Jas Vince