Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

25.9.1740 (Thursday 25 September 1740)

document 11201138

then took in the last five weeks accounts being the disbursements of mr Oliver Johnson the standing collection amounting to 9li17s6d the reliefs amounting to 20li16s1d3f total 30li13s7d3f to deduct for the money received of the Dedham overseers and Thos Mann 3li13s total 27li7d3f taken in by us Rich Stringer Jn Newton Sam Burton Sam Smith Jas Robinson Ambrose Wright Jn Pratt Wm Long the total of the whole disbursements 93li12s2d1h at the same time granted him a rate of fifteen quarters for the discharging the abovesaid account agreed Jn Newton Jn Harrington Jas Robinson Jn Pratt Sam Smith Wm Long Isaac Potter