Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

21.3.1703 (Sunday 21 March 1703)

document 11800693

this indenture made the 21.3.1703 witnesseth that Thos Piper and Jn White churchwardens and Jn Newton and Jn Patricke overseers of the poor of the parish of Earls Colne with the consent of Hen Ayloffe and Jn Cressener esq two of his majesties justices of the peace have by these presents bound Wm Fuller a poor fatherless child as an apprentice to a with Thos Symons of Fingerihoe Essex fisherman and as an apprentice with him the said Thos Symons to dwell from the date hereof until the said Wm Fuller shall attain the age of twenty four years according to the statute etc he shall serve his master etc the master allow him meat drink etc witnessed on paper first stamped with two 6d stamps Thos Simons witnesses Jn Hatch Sam Burton justices of the peace Hen Ayloffe Jn Cressener and it was further agreed by and between the said parties before the ensealing and delivery of these presents that he the said Thos Symons the said master shall at the end of the said time or term abovesaid give allow and deliver unto the said Wm Fuller the said apprentice one decent suit of apparel with hose shoes shirt and all things necessary for him to have Thos Simons witnesses Jn Hatch Sam Burton