Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

25.12.1720 (Tuesday 25 December 1720)

document 11801831

this indenture made 25.12.1720 witnesseth that Jn Hatch and Ambrose Stowers churchwardens and Jn Morley and Hen Jarvis overseers of Earls Colne with the consent of justices of the peace have put and placed Peter King a poor child of the said parish apprentice to Robt Harris of Earls Colne gardener with him to dwell until aged twenty four years during which time to serve his master etc and Robt Harris covenants to instruct him in the art of a gardener and to lodge and feed him and keep the parishioners indemnified from charges and at the end of the term provide double apparel etc Robt Harris witnesses Rich Potter Sam Burton justices of the peace Rich Androwes F Gardiner