Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

2.9.1725 (Thursday 2 September 1725)

document 11801953

this indenture witnesseth that Thos Hull son of Mary Hull widow and spinster now residing in the parish of Earls Colne of his own free will and with the consent of his mother doth put himself apprentice to Jeff Cooke carpenter residing in the parish of Earls Colne to learn his art and with him after the manner of apprentice to serve from the 2.9.1725 unto the full term of seven years from then next ensuing etc during which term the said apprentice his said master will serve his secrets keep his lawful commands gladly do he shall do no damage to his said master etc he shall neither buy nor sell without his masters leave taverns inns and alehouses he shall not haunt at cards dice etc he shall not play fornication he shall not commit nor matrimony contract nor from the service of his master absent himself etc and the said Jeff Cooke in consideration of the sum of 1s to him in hand paid by the abovesaid Mary Hull mother of the said apprentice the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said apprentice in the art or mystery of a carpenter and pump maker which he now useth to teach and instruct the best way and manner that he can finding and allowing unto his said apprentice sufficient meat drink washing and lodging and other necessaries during his said term shoes and stocking only excepted which the said Mary Hull mother of the apprentice shall find during the said term and for the true performance of this agreement it is further covenanted that Jeff Cooke at the end of the said term shall and will deliver unto the said apprentice double apparel of all sorts good and new that is to say a good new suit for holy days and another for work days unto which covenants etc either of the said parties bindeth himself firmly in witness whereof the parties to these indentures interchangeably have set their hands and seals 2.9.1725 Thos Hull witnesses Jn Porter Isaac Potter