Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/1)

28.11.1751 (Thursday 28 November 1751)

document 11900318

Jas Brown of Kelvedon carpenter bound to Jas Robinson and Jn Newton gents churchwardens and Jn Leaper and Jn Unwin yeoman overseers of the poor of Earls Colne in the sum of 40li to be paid to the said Jas Robinson etc or any of them 28.11.1751 conditions of the obligation is such that whereas Sarah Hutton of Earls Colne single was gotten with child by one Francis Laskew Powlet of Kelvedon as appeareth as well by the accusations of the said Sarah Hutton and also by the confession of the said Francis and as the child as yet unborn is likely to be chargeable to the parish of Earls Colne if therefore the above bounden Jas Brown or Francis Laskew Powlet or either of them their heirs executors etc do from time to time fully pay the churchwardens etc then this be void (not signed or witnessed)