Wills (ERO Dl/C/419/8/63 Jn Mallery 1562/3 1571/2)

12.1.1573 (Monday 12 January 1573)

document 2600293

(in latin) sunday (sic) 12.1.1573 before mr Jn Hamond official and charged by mr Wm Blackwell notary appeared Christiana Mallorye an executor named in the testament of Jn Mallorye deceased and gave letters alleging exhaustion as long as she is committed they extended to Rich Ennowes of Earls Colne whatsoever before sworn she now being 24yr of age illegible text and revoke the testament of Jn Mallorye aforesaid well and =sina and the administration of the goods afore given excepting ==li charge Rich Ennowes alleged by the aforesaid Christiana to be true she is released however by law and to show letters committing the administration