Wills (DL/C/419/8/89 Jn Petfeld 1572 1572)

=.6.1572 (June 1572)

document 2700404

in the name of god amen I Jn Petfield clerk of Earls Colne in the county of Essex I make this my testament and last will in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul to almighty god and my body to be buried when my executors thinketh best item I give to the poor men's box 3s4d item I give to Wm Petfeld I give my greatest chest as it is standing saving I will my silver spoon to Math Petfeld and more to Wm Petfeld my chafer a bow and shaftes item I give to Jn Brand my standing bed a feather bed a bolster a pair blankets a pair of sheets and the coverling a cupboard two tynning spoons and 5li that Robt Enowse standeth bound to pay me upon two obligations in my chest in my study and a tryfet item I give to Joan Playford my long table upon two trestles a brass pot two pewter dishes two tin spoons a posnet and 20s a stole my short gown a latten candlestick a grydy iron a bedstead in the chamber above item I give to Rose Playford my little feather bed with a red cover a holland sheet a brass pot two platters two tin spoons and 20s a posnet item I give to Jn Playford a flockbed a bolster a pair of blankets a pair of sheets my little table 20s my great chafing dish that was his father's a candlestick a platter a tramel item I give to Alice Playford my cow a brass pot two platters holland sheet 20s item I give to old Jn Sparow my work day coat cot and 2s item none of the children shall receive any of their gifts before they come to their several ages of 20yr then and if any of them die the others to be their heirs item I give to four men to carry me to church 6d apiece old Jn Sparow and young Jn Sparow and Jn Playford and Thos Crispe item of all my goods not given I fully give the to Jn Playford and Avis his wife for their pains taken with me and I make Robt Rede my executor and I give him an old nall# for his pains to see my body buried and this my will to be fulfilled I will no man shall put nothing to it or take any thing from it by me Jn Petfeld witnesses Jn Lefingwell and old Jn Sparow and Adam Pollye