Wills (ERO D/ABW28/341 Joan Pudney 1573 1573)

1.9.1573 (Tuesday 1 September 1573)

document 2700789

in the name of god amen the 1.9.1573 I Jone Pudney of Earls Colne in Essex single being in perfect mind and good remembrance do ordain and make this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul to almighty god and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Earls Colne aforesaid etc item I give to Eliz Pudney my brother's daughter all mine apparel movables and household stuff that I have whatsoever etc item I do surrender into the hands of the lord by the hands of Barth Church the lord's bailiff in the persons of Thos Brydge sen and Thos Culverton tenants to the lord bearing witness all such right as I have in my customary tenement with the garden and other the appurtenances thereto belonging called     situate lying and being in Holt Street in Colne aforesaid to the intent that the lord of his goodness will grant the said tenement again unto the aforesaid Thos and Thos with such strength and power as they may make a lawful sale thereof to the performance of this my testament and last will to whomsoever they shall think best and to their good discretion for the most perfect and with the money thereof when it is sold being done with speed in as short time as may be to see my debts paid with all other charge as well for my burial as otherwise whatsoever etc also I give unto Ysabell Deane my sister 26s8d and to Margt Pudney my brother's daughter 6s8d to be paid out of the said money which shall be received of the sale of my said house and the rest which shall be left I do give it unto the abovenamed Eliz Pudney my brother's daughter and to be delivered unto her by the hands of the aforesaid Thos Bridge and Thos Culverton whom I have desired to be my trusty friends to see this my last will performed and according as they have so promised etc and to be mine executors these being witnesses mr Rich Kelton Barth Church and the aforesaid Thos Brydge sen and Thos Culverton