Wills (ERO D/ACR7/45 Jn Streat 1576/7 1577)

17.1.1577 (Thursday 17 January 1577)

document 2800313

in the name of god amen I Jn Streat of Earls Colne in the county of Essex being sick in body but whole and perfect in mind laud and praise be to almighty god do make and ordain my testament containing my therein my will in manner and form following first I give my soul to god the father who made me to jesus christ who redeemed me and to the holy ghost who sanctifieth me and my body to be buried where it shall please the lord item I give to Joan Streat my wife 40s item I give to Ann Streat my daughter 20s to be paid to her one year after my departure item I give to Marge Streat my daughter 20s to be paid to her at 17yr of her age and if it fortune that either of them die before they come to the years aforesaid then I will that the longer liver of them to have and enjoy the others part item I give to Martin Watson my wife's son my horse to be delivered to him within one month after my decease all the rest of my goods ungiven my debts paid and my body brought honestly to the ground I give to Joan Streat my wife whom I make my executrix to this my testament and last will given the 17.1.19Eliz1 etc witness to this will Wm Adhams vicar Robt Jervis and Hen Pullen