Wills (ERO D/ACR7/150 Thos Culverton 1581 1581)

10.7.1581 (Monday 10 July 1581)

document 2900061

in the name of god amen the 10.7.1581 etc. I Thos Culverton of Earls Colne in the county of Essex being sick in body but perfect in mind laud and praise be god do make and ordain my testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following first I commit my soul to god that made me to christ that redeemed me and to the holy ghost that sanctified me and my body to be buried where it shall please the lord item I do give unto the poor in Earls Colne 3s4d and to the reparations of the church 15d which is paid already in the cloth for the desk item I give to my two daughters Thomasin Culverton and Joan Culverton all those my movable goods chattels and debts owing to me whatsoever except mine apparel to be equally divided between them at their age of 20yr and if it chance that either of them doth die before the age of 20yr then the one to have the other's part item I give to Thomasin Culverton my daughter and her heirs and assigns all those my lands commonly called Peryscrofte Coxecrofte and Stedecrofte holden of the manor of the Priory in Colne aforesaid and also all my lands there holden of the earldom being three crofts called Hushes also I give unto her and her heirs and assigns 2a of meadow more or less lying in the common meadow also I give to Thomasin my daughter and to her heirs and assigns my croft commonly called Tylekill Crofte item I give unto Joan Culverton my daughter all that my tenement which I dwell in with the garden and orchards with the appurtenances holden of the said manor of the Pryorye to her her heirs and assigns and also I give and bequeath to the foresaid Joan my daughter one croft of land now divided into two crofts commonly called Lowfeild holden of the earldom to her her heirs and assigns and if it chance either of them to die before the age of 20yr then the survivor to have the other part also I make and ordain Robt Person my father in law my sole and trusty executor of this my last will and testament to see my lands set and let to the best use and behoof of my two daughters and the overplus to remain unto them at the age aforesaid provided that the same Robt Person mine executor shall see my said two daughters brought up until the time afore rehearsed except they in the mean time do marry and to see my body honestly brought on earth and to see my debts paid these being witnesses Barth Church Thos Bredge Thos Polly Thos Allen Wm Bonner Benet Watson Hen Abbott and Rich Williamson