Wills (ERO ERO D/ACW2/329 will of Agnes Beston of Earls Colne 1588)

6.3.1588 (Wednesday 6 March 1588)

document 3000005

the words of the like in effect containing the last gift of all the goods movable and immovable of Agnes Beston widow late of Earls Colne deceased which she being in perfect mind and memory uttered and spoke unto her only son Wm Beston upon wednesday the 6.3.1588 being the day also when she died and left this world in the presence of these witnesses her honest neighbours whose names are under written and of divers others son Wm I give unto thee all that I have from the least to the most within doors and without all is thine and as I have told these folks and others heretofore I would give thee all so I say now at the last that all I have is thine and I pray god bless thee with it good son Wm and being moved at that time when she spoke these words and other times before to give her daughter somewhat for a remembrance if it were but one of her gowns she answered at every time she would not for that she her daughter had of her of late 20li and a great deal more for her part aforetimes and therefore as I have oftentimes said so I say now in the end she shall have no more than she hath had already but my son Wm hath had little of me heretofore he shall have all now and I give to him all these words she plainly and effectually uttered as her true meaning in the presence of these witnesses Jn Church mark Joan Pearson widow Rose Church wife of Jn Church Alice Abbott wife of mark Hen Abbott Agnes Sparrowe wife of mark Jn Sparrowe the younger