Wills (ERO ERO D/ACW2/307 will of Wm Bunner of Earls Colne 1588)

4.11.1588 (Monday 4 November 1588)

document 3000060

in the name of god amen the 4.11.1588 the words or the like in effect containing the last gift of all the goods movable and immovable debts lands and tenements of Wm Bunner single late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex deceased spake and uttered lying upon his death bed being in perfect mind and in good remembrance after he had received all his keys of his hutches cupboards and chests that he had being delivered unto him as he lay on his bed and took them into his own hands being asked after he had received them to whom will you give your keys and your great chest and all that is in it and your bed and all that you have besides he answered and said to Barth Churche my boy where is he where is he and called for him very earnestly to come to him Jn Churche standing by sent one for Barth Churche and as soon as he came his father set him upon the bed side by him and he took him by the hand and said a good boy and delivered and gave unto Barth Church with his own hands all his keys and said take them I give thee all all good boy and his father standing by asked Wm Bunner will you give my boy all ay all all he said again and the boy Barth Churche took the keys of his hands and said I thank you uncle and delivered them to his father Jn Churche being moved after he had given all to Barth Churche some of the women that was there said to Wm Bunner what will you give to Rose Churche your goddaughter and Mary Churche nothing with that he turned his head aside and looked on his kinsman Jn Churche and said to him there is nought for them all let him give them what he will his sister Agnes Bunner standing by moved him to give Agnes Barret and Mary Barret something and he said he had nothing to give then said his sister Agnes Bunner then they shall thank you for nothing and so Agnes Bunner went her way these being witness whose names are under written and have here unto set their hands and will be sworn whensoever they shall be called and others mark Margt Allen mark Alice Abbut mark Ann Garrad mark Rose Brydgge mark Sibil Hutten